Greetings! You've reached the digital junk drawer of Kelsey Boyte. That's my face, below. I'm a freelance writer, and writer/director of motion images. Most days I'm collaborating with my other half, Shaun Boyte, DP, and comrades in media production at Boyte Creative

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Past: Kinfolk, Verily, Darling Magazine, Pure Green Magazine, Life & Thyme Magazine, Food & Wine, Spirituality & Health, Hewlett Packard, Urban Outfitters, Huckberry Journal, First Descents.

Present: Instagram Community Team


Hire me to: say SOMETHING, anything (particularly things that matter) on the page and on camera. 

Clients of note: Colorado Tourism Office, Artifact Uprising, First Descents, US Figure Skating, Callaway, Cotopaxi, University of Michigan. 


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Good juju, writing, ideas, and other miscellaneous updates from my desk to yours. Updates on forthcoming project, "Places I Never Meant to Be."


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Let's talk about your next project and/or dim sum, Twister (the movie), vegetable gardening, major league baseball, negronis, or Oprah Winfrey.

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